18 June 2009

10 Things to LOVE About Summer...

It took two weeks, but I have finally adjusted to the slowed-down pace of summer. As a teacher I see summers as a time for relaxing, traveling, and enjoying friends and family...a time away from the craziness of the school year. However, it's always such a struggle for me to slow down and accept the fact that my self-worth isn't tied to how many items on a to-do list I can accomplish in one day (although there is an addictive "high" I really love that comes from crossing off that last item on the to-do list!).

So in honor of my internal switch having been flipped, here is a list of things I love about summer:

* Snowcones (Laura, that one is for you!)

* Time to go to the gym without feeling rushed

* Fresh produce - the possibilities in the kitchen are limitless!

* Having the time to read the newspaper, check email and enjoy at least 2 cups of coffee all while eating a really good breakfast (not one that came from a package)

*The fun, free activities around town all summer long!

*Being able to grocery shop at my leisure... and at the venues I choose - Farmer's Markets, Central Market, Whole Foods, etc.

* Reading ... especially FREE books from the library

* Time to try out new recipes or just play around in the kitchen. Oops, can't forget the grill... LOVE to grill in the summer!

*The fact that my house actually stays CLEAN during the summer and laundry gets done before it backs up too much

*Staying up really late when the mood strikes and not feeling guilty about it because I know I can just sleep in the next morning

Although teaching isn't the highest paid profession out there, the benefits are pretty great!!! It's a relatively stable job, offers quite a bit of flexibility, and what could be better than 2 weeks at Christmas, a week for Spring Break and 9 weeks off during the Summer?!?!

All of this time to relax is nice and is definitely something I look forward to each year, but truth be told, when August hits I will be recharged and ready for a whole new group of little Fishies!

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