27 October 2010

Something to think about...

As I have mentioned before, I love Wednesdays because that's when the Food section runs in the local newspaper. 

Here is a quote from an article by Chris Dunn about the lessons he learned while attending the CIA.  There were 15 quotes in total, and only one of them wasn't a technical tip.  Maybe that's what caught my attention.

"You can't make happy food with an unhappy heart."

So true.

May your heart and food both be happy!

25 October 2010

Relief at Last

Made my first batch of homemade laundry detergent this weekend...

I love it and so does my sensitive skin.  Such a frugal and fabulous alternative to all of the commercial brands out there on the market. 

18 October 2010

U.W.W.H - Days 4 & 5

I did actually cook for Days 4 & 5. 

Day 4 ended up being one of those weird (in a good way) mish-mash meals.  I'm going to call this one  'pretzel-coated artichoke dip-stuffed chicken breasts'.  See, sounds really weird, huh?

I cut a pocket in each chicken breast,

stuffed them with some of the leftover artichoke dip,

and securely closed each breast with a couple of toothpicks.

14 October 2010

You Are What You Can't Eat

Yes, I am still doing posts about this week's challenge, but when I saw a friend post this on Facebook I just had to share it.


funny graphs - You Are What You Can't Eat
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13 October 2010

U.W.W.H - Days 2 & 3

Day 1 of this week's challenge was a smashing success and so I thought the rest of the week would be easy too.  WRONG.

On Days 2 & 3 I cheated. 

Okay, I only kind of cheated on Day 2, but I did thoroughly cheat on Day 3.  I admit it.

Day 2 involved me begging Mexican lunch leftovers from a friend (to combine with my own leftovers) to feed the Hubs for dinner. 

I did cook dinner for myself though - Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas with a Spicy Ranch Dipping Sauce

Odds and ends this dish used up:
frozen (but pre-cooked) chicken fajita meat
a bag of shredded jalepeno jack cheese
half a can of refried black beans
some leftover corn tortillas
a little Ranch dip
some red salsa

Pretty self explanatory, very simple, very fast, but completely delicious!  I even let the Hubs have a few. 

Day 3 was an epic failure:

Odds and ends this dish used up:
some Pepto to deal with the upset tummy from dinner

I have to do better than this on Day 4...

10 October 2010

Using What We Have - Day 1

We have a lot of food 'odds and ends' in our fridge, freezer, and cabinets.  Not a lot of any one item, just a little bit of a lot of different things.  It makes putting away groceries really tough.  Space is limited in our little house and we do not have a pantry. 

I'm swallowing my pride and showing you the inside of my fridge and freezer. 

Please don't judge. 

Soooo embarrassing. I'm fed up with it.

03 October 2010

One Last Goodbye to Summer Flavors

I know it's Autumn now.  I know that I should be cooking all kinds of spice cakes and hearty stews by now.  You know, the foods gracing the cover of this month's Food Network magazine:

But it's hard to move on to a new season without first saying goodbye to the old one. 

So that's what last night's dinner was all about.  Saying goodbye to Summer.