02 January 2012

What we did over our holiday break...

So besides that pre-Christmas baking spree, I did almost NO other cooking.  I couldn't.  We were so busy trying to get the house ready for Little C that there just wasn't time.  Despite the fact that I feel more and more like a beached whale every day, these seriously might have been the most productive 6 days we have ever had.

My view of the world these days.
 We've been in our house for a little over 5 years and never really defined a purpose for each of the other three bedrooms.  Basically they became collect-all rooms full of a random assortment of junk and none of them were really functional.  With Little C's arrival only 6 weeks away, it was time to spring into action.  Closets needed to be cleaned out, rooms needed to be painted, furniture needed to be moved, purchased or thrown out and new carpet needed to be installed.  That's a lot of work.