27 February 2011

Need a chocolate fix?

If so, have I got the cupcake for you.  Seriously, these are gooood.  Really good. 

I've always been a huge fan of cream cheese frostings, but this one reaches a whole new level of deliciousness.  I've used the frosting on this particular chocolate cupcake recipe twice, as well as on a batch of white cupcakes.  Both combos were amazing.

Next time I'm thinking about swapping some Kahlua or Bailey's for the heavy cream and vanilla in the frosting.

PS: These make the best breakfast and pair really well with a cup of hot coffee.

PPS: Does anyone have a birthday or special occasion coming up soon?  I would love to have an excuse to make yet another batch of these yummies.

14 February 2011

65 years and counting...

Two weekends ago we braved the frozen overpasses to head down to Galveston to celebrate my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary.  No, that's not a typo, they really have been married for 65 years

They have definitely set a great example for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It hasn't been a cakewalk by any means.  They have had their fair share of issues to deal with, but they have chosen to deal with them together.  Sadly, that becomes more and more rare these days. 

Makes me appreciate the Hubs that much more.  I know he's in it for the long haul.  Our relationship isn't perfect (we're both human), but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's always willing to work on us and to work things out.  There's a lot of security that comes from that. 

We don't get many photos of the two of us (he's the one always taking the pictures of everyone else), so I was incredibly happy that I found this one while going through the pictures from the celebration weekend. 

We'll be having a low-key evening here at home (we don't like fighting the Valentine's Day crowds) grilling burgers and enjoying the 70 degree weather.  I think we have a nice dinner out planned for this weekend... I'm hoping for something ethnic.

13 February 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Some days just ooze happiness.  Today is one of them. 

Beautiful weather, a clean house and a great family...all things that deserve to be celebrated by having cupcakes for breakfast.

04 February 2011

Not exactly a 'Snow Day'...

Although we did not get any snow last night / early this morning, we did get a little freezing rain.  Just enough to make things dangerous out there on the roads, especially bridges and overpasses... not that I have been out driving this morning, but I have been watching the news.

We bundled up to take the furry children out this morning and they weren't quite sure what to think. 

03 February 2011

In Honor of a 'Snow' Day

Our district gave us the day off tomorrow.  Not even sure when or how much it's going to sleet or snow  here (hoping it's not going to be much), but I feel as if I have received a last minute pardon on a death sentence. 

Okay, maybe that's a tad dramatic, but I do feel as if tomorrow is a precious gift. 

Here is the email we recieved from the district telling us in no uncertain terms that no, we may not set foot on campus tomorrow.  I want to know who the heck emailed the Ad Building asking for permission to work tomorrow?!?!

I have been tired this week and have felt like I just couldn't catch up on lessons and grading for one of my classes.  On top of that we are heading out of town this weekend for a family reuinion where we will celebrate my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary and I haven't even begun to think about packing. 

Feeling overwhelmed/tired + severe arthritis flare-up in my hand + temps that have been pretty much below freezing for the past 2 and a half days = need for some seriously unhealthy and junky comfort food. 

My bowl - perfect ratio of fritos : chili : cheddar

 Before I left for the grocery store this afternoon I asked the Hubs what he wanted for dinner.  His response, "Something hearty and warm".  To me that screams Frito Pie.  Not made with canned chili of course, but still warm, hearty and deliciously unhealthy.  Sweet Hubs even chopped the onions and grated the white cheddar.

The Hubs' bowl - incredibly full &  heavily garnished 

After dinner - a nice fire roaring in the fireplace and some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies in the oven.  Yep, it's gonna be a great evening.

01 February 2011

Split Pea Soup

Although I did grow up with my mom making Split Pea Soup at least twice a winter, this recipe isn't hers because there is no recipe for her split pea soup. 

Just like there is no recipe for her chicken and rice soup. 

She just sort of makes them and they end up being heavenly... which is really nice if you're the consumer, but a little frustrating if you're trying to replicate them!

Not a pretty picture, but it sure was tasty...

I've had good luck with a wide variety of recipes on Simply Recipes over the past few years, so I searched checked it out and found one that looked good.

The ingredients, minus the chicken stock

Turns out it was really good.  The Hubs even ate it cheerfully.  (I think the fact that I almost doubled the amount of pork in the recipe is responsible for that...).

Simple ingredients and not a lot to do except chop, simmer, puree and eat = a great meal for a cold evening.