22 March 2010

It's Not Delivery...

We had pizza for dinner tonight. 
But it wasn't delivery, and it certainly wasn't DiGiorno. 
It was homemade and it was delicious.

The Pioneer Woman posted two pizza recipes last week (CPK's BBQ Chicken Pizza & Carmelized Onion and Prosciutto Pizza) and I've been craving the stuff ever since.

Made the dough last night and let it rise slowly in the fridge overnight.  Best part is the crust recipe makes enough for two pizzas, so I now have a ball of pizza dough just sitting in my freezer hanging out.  Patiently waiting for the next time a pizza craving hits.

I swapped out few of the toppings (Pancetta and deli ham for the prosciutto) and added a few of my own (I cannot resist mushrooms on pizza). 

Hot, fresh pizza straight from the oven.

A little closer... look at the yummy melted/browned cheese.

The crispy edges of the salty ham were divine.

Only thing I will do differently next time will be to pre-bake the crust.  My edges were nice and crispy, but the middle of the pizza crust was a little under-cooked.  Carmelizing the onions with a little brown sugar was a great idea (thanks, PW!) and provided a nice balance to the saltiness of the meats and cheeses.

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Sarah said...

Yum! PW's pizza is on our menu for this week as well. Now, I'm craving it even more.