16 March 2010

Quick and Dirty

This time change thing has me all turned around.  I have no idea which way is up. 

I am normally an early riser, but since Sunday I have been sleeping in until around 9 each morning.  Ugh.  Feels like the best 2 1/2 hours of the day are gone by that time. 

Thankfully it's Spring Break! 

I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for late morning today and normally that wouldn't be a problem, but again, this time change thing has me all turned around.  So what was supposed to be a leisurely morning, quickly turned in to a not-so-leisurely morning.

I had to fit breakfast in some way.  And I didn't want some piddly breakfast either.  I wanted something with flavor.  Immediately I thought about some leftover chips, cheese sauce and salsa from dinner last night.  Hmm, how could I transform those yummy items into a decent breakfast? 

I quickly remembered one of PW's breakfast recipes, the one for Migas.  Well, I didn't have all that time to chop the veggies and I didn't want to fry tortillas, so I had to improvise. 

Below is my 'ghetto' take on the Pioneer Woman's Migas.  I call my version "Short-Cut Migas". 

Step One: the Base

Line a plate with whatever tortilla chips you have on hand. 
I adore blue corn and flaxseed tortilla chips, so that's what I used. 
And it's what I had within arm's reach.

Step Two: the Eggs

Remember, time was of the essence this morning so no chopped veggies for me. 
Here's where short cuts come in to play. 

Salsa-Style Party Dip for fresh veggies and Hot-N-Spicy Cheese Dip for shredded cheese. 
Please don't judge.

In a small skillet, over medium, heat a little salsa, maybe a couple/three tablespoons.  Meanwhile, vigorously stir 2 eggs with a little milk.  When salsa is warm, pour in the eggs and scramble. 

Step Three: the Toppings

When eggs are to your liking, they go on the layer of chips. 
Top that with some cheesey sauce and fresh cilantro. 
Yes, the fresh cilantro is a must.  The bright flavor it provides is refreshing. 

Short-Cut Migas, just before R dug in!

I realize this is not gourmet food, but it is delicious and amazingly satisfying. 

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

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