09 May 2010

Fabulous, Fun Weekend #2

This weekend I was off to College Station to reunite with some fun, crazy ladies.  I took a much needed day off of work on Friday and after sleeping in I hit the road and got in to town by lunchtime.

You know how some couples have 'their' restaurant?  Well, my girlies and I had 'our' favorite spot on Northgate - Fitzwilly's.  Not as famous as The Dixie Chicken, but we loved it and ate there several times a week.  (It helped that our dorm was right across the street.)  

Two things you must do at Fitzwilly's:
  1. Order a 'Fitz Favorite' - hamburger, fries and a beer
  2. Play shuffleboard 

I love shuffleboard.  I don't know that I have played much since college, but it all came back.  Made me want to find some places around here with shuffleboard tables... and people who also like to play shuffleboard. 

Summer and Jennie needed to take a break from the game for a few minutes.

Wahhhhndah was our chariot for the weekend. She is a big ol' diesel Excursion who almost gurgles as she gets going, hence the name Wahhhhhndah. Jess was a great chauffeur and parked the large vehicle with ease.

Later on that evening after dinner we headed back to Northgate to a rooftop bar called The Corner.  Although we had to climb 3 killer flights of stairs, the view and breeze were well worth it. 

When we first arrived The Corner was almost empty and it was very easy to hold a conversation, but as it got later and later the place became packed with college students. 

College students who seemed very young... and had no crow's feet, cellulite or varicose veins. 
We soon began to feel old.
So we left.

Since we were so close we drove over to our old dorm, Davis Gary.  Davis Gary was not a glamorous dorm.  In fact, it was probably the most basic of all of the female dorms on campus.  A very small room for two students, community bathrooms and it was surrounded by male dorms. 
We lovingly referred to it as Dirty Ghetto instead of Davis Gary. 
We had some great times there.

My room was on the first floor and just outside the frame of the photo.  Room 114.  And since the window was right next to the door, anyone who forgot their ID (which was needed to enter the dorm) knocked on the window for us to come open it for them.  If I had a dollar for every drunk student that knocked on our window in the middle of the night...

The next morning before I headed out of town I hit one of my favorite 'hole in the wall' joints, Layne's

Their chicken fingers are to die for, even better than Raising Caine's, in my opinion. Not health food by any stretch of the imagination, but absolutely declious. 
I had such a great weekend with my girls!  It was fun to reminisce and revist all of the old favorite spots.  However, I am not as young as I used to be and 24 hours of 'college life' wore this 30-something out.

I was sad when the trip was over and I had to head back home.  Maybe with a nap and a longer night's sleep I could have gone another 24 hours...

I'm hoping that it isn't 7 more years before the next reunion.  This was way too much fun to have to wait that long to do it again.   


Sara said...

Haha, I'm hoping your memory is better than mine! I had in my head it was DG 113! :) I too wish we had a dollar each time someone wanted us to let them in ... at 3:30 in the morning ... and $5+ if they smelled like vomit. I have SOOO many good memories from those days though, despite the drunken sleep intruders!!!
And for the record, Layne's beats Raisin' Caines any day.

E said...

Oops, maybe it was 113!!! We couldn't get inside - everyone was out partying. No one was home studying. :)

Sara said...

WHAT? No one was in the room, for you to knock on their window and ask to be let in??? Such a tragedy.