01 June 2010

Boy, Do I Love These...

To wrap up the week dedicated to R's love of all things salty, I made Shrimp Puttanesca.  It has been way too long since the last time I fixed it.  It is salty, tomato-y goodness at its best!

Switched things up a little bit and used a Austintatious Spinach Basil Garlic Linguine from Austin Gourmet Foods

This pasta packed quite a punch!  I think it's probably better suited to a milder sauce. 

And it kind of made the finished dish look like Christmas with the red sauce on green noodles...

The key to a good puttanesca sauce????

There is absolutely no substitute for these little guys.

And with that picture I say 'goodbye' to Salty Foods Week. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious foods, I am looking forward to waking up without a super-puffy face and being able to easily slip on my wedding ring again.

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