05 June 2010

Cheesey Pico Chicken

We have so many odds and ends left over from the 3 parties we have hosted or attended over the last 6 days, that I cannot in good conscience go buy more food.  So we are in 'scavenge' mode at our house.

It's like a game to dig through the fridge and pantry to see what is available for a meal. It's a random assortment for sure with things like a pitcher of sangria, a package of fajita marinated chicken breasts, three pork tenderloins, a ton of veggies, some leftover queso from Mission Burrito, artichoke dip, a layered berry dessert.... I could go on and on.

Here was my solution to "What's for dinner?" last night:

Cheesey Pico Chicken 

I had to cook the chicken ASAP - its days were numbered.

And I had a tomato that was just at the peak of ripeness, but was going to start going bad any minute. It married beautifully with some corn, red onions, jalepeno, cilantro and garlic.

I have decided that Mission Burrito's queso is my all-time favorite queso now. See how much I put on our plates?!?!

And you better believe I ate every single bite ...

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