17 July 2010

White Trash Divas

We had July's Dinner Divas meeting last night and it was themed ... White Trash!

Everyone had to dress the part and bring a 'white trash' dish to share.  I struggled with that part.  I don't like many processed foods, particularly processed meats and don't do much packaged food. 

I put a plea for ideas/help out on Facebook and was overwhelmed (in a good way) at the responses.  The suggestions ranged from 'Easy Cheeze' (the stuff in a can), to Spam, to fried chicken, to potato chip casseroles, to jello molds/salad and even things like chitlins and tripe.  I ended up taking my cousin's idea and bringing the components for Frito Pie.  (Homemade chili though, not the canned stuff.  I just couldn't bring myself to go that far). 

I also was perusing Foodgawker and came across this fabulous blog post featuring 'Gourmet Potato Chips' - potato chips painted with caramel, then dipped and chocolate and finally sprinkled with bits of Heath Bar.  

The only tedious part.

They need about 30 minutes to set.

Then they get dipped in the chocolate and sprinkled with Heath Bar bits. 

These are super easy, they use processed foods and are chock-full of calories and fat. Yep, they meet the 'white trash' food criteria!  They ended up being a huge hit.  I didn't I even got to eat one. 

Here is our spread for the evening:

Cheetos and DingDongs were very popular...
as were the fried chicken strips you can kind of see in the top right corner. 

Grilled wieners with ketchup, but no buns.

Dipped Chips, served in a cheap Tupperware container.

And for dessert:
Dirt Cake complete with trashy fake flowers. 

Drinks included wine coolers, Jungle Juice (purple Kool-Aid w/ vodka) and of course it wouldn't be a white trash party without the boxed wine...

We played several ridiculous, but incredibly fun games.  I even won one of them!

Here is my fabulous prize:

You know, sadly, these brought back memories. 

Thanks, Mom. 

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