13 August 2010

Goodbye, Summer

Today is our last day of summer.  *sigh*

Although the students do not come back until the 23rd, teachers officially go back the 16th.  While I am excited for the new school year and ready to attack all of the challenges I know I will face this year, I am really going to miss my peaceful mornings. 

That's my Smudge in the background. 
A typical morning at our house includes a few cups of coffee, leisurely reading the newspaper, and taking our little kitties outside for a little exercise... many times these occur simultaneously!

The Hubs' Ajax loves the grill for some reason.

He also loves to watch little bugs, but not ever catch them. 
He's our pacifist, while Smudge is the aggressive one. 
I've been a little sad all day long about saying goodbye to my quiet mornings, so when I saw this random item on my home this afternoon, it provided me with a much needed chuckle.   

Yes, that is a life-sized replica of an elephant... hanging out in a junk yard.  You can't look at him and not at least crack a smile. 

Hope he brightens your day, too!

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