22 August 2010

What does Will.i.am have to do with Geography?!?!

School begins again tomorrow.

A fresh start. 

Yet another opportunity to share my passion for Geography with others.   

To steal a phrase from a woman I greatly admire (and try daily to emulate): I'm in the business of creating Culturally Literate Global Citizens.

Geography is the 'glue' that holds all of the other Social Studies strands together. 

It's "The Why of Where".  

One of my greatest hopes each year is that all of my students finish the course realizing that Geography is more than just maps, landmarks and physical features. 

Here are two fun ways I try to counter those stereotypes and get them to think about it a little differently...

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com
1) I Gotta Feeling you're gonna love this article by Will.i.am, member of the Black Eyed Peas, on what being "American" means to him.

2) Although the show isn't on the air anymore, this clip from The West Wing is timeless, hilarious and eye-opening.  


Amanda said...

excellent post. Your students are so very fortunate to have you expand their horizons.

E said...

I'm so proud of you for figuring out how to comment on here! :)

CPGM said...

Best non-food post ever! You go with your geography-loving self. Liked the open the windows and let the fresh air in. Thanks Will. Also the clip was so funny. Did anyone else get a headache when the map got turned upside down? ~Laura