28 November 2010

Frank Lloyd Wrong

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family a day early this year.  Over the past couple of years we have learned to be very flexible about when we actually celebrate holidays since both Mom and my sis are nurses.  It has taught me that it's not so much about celebrating the holiday on the day itself, but more about about spending time with the ones you love, whenever that might be. 

(PW's to-die-for Green Bean Casserole)

We had a great meal, watched a movie/took a nap, played our favorite board game and then created the most craptacular gingerbread house I have ever laid my eyes on.  We all contributed our own unique touches to the structure and there is no unifying theme... except maybe 'tacky'.  There really are no words to accurately describe this monstrosity work of art.  You just have to see it for yourself. 

Everyone got in on the act with the Hubs periodically taking a break to document construction:

 Adding gumdrops along the roofline in an attempt to camouflage the lumpy/uneven icing:

Notice the box in the background. 
Two key things about this photo:
1) Our house doesn't even look close to the picture on the box 
2) That box is from last year.  In our defense we were working with materials that were over a year old.

See, the gumdrops don't really hide the bad icing job.  Maybe the confetti front walk will distract the eye.

And then we added even more stuff to the landscaping to help improve the overall aesthetic.  Dad got a little crazy with the sprinkles.  I got a little crazy trying to make the big green gumdrops in to shrubs...

and adding 'icicles' to the roofline.  Yeah, that didn't turn out exactly the way I saw it in my mind.

See the green front door and how it looks like play-doh?  That was old, thickened green icing Laura molded into a door, complete with matching green gumdrop door knob.

The finished product, front view.  I love how the snowman has a huge zit on his face. 

Side view.  Don't you just love the Picasso inspired stained glass windows?

Back view.  Digging the huge Christmas tree lights...

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.  Great family activity that I think we may need to make into an annual event.  Maybe we could make an entire village next year...

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