02 November 2010

Something else to think about...

Recently I ran out of time in the morning (or just hadn't been to the grocery store in awhile... I really can't remember) and found myself purchasing a 'tray lunch' from school. 

Amazingly this was the best choice offered that day. 

Pretty terrible, huh?  And I didn't even take a chocolate milk!  I can't believe we feed our students food like this.  No wonder ADD and ADHD are on the rise, along with childhood obesity.

I will refrain from commenting on the 'beige-ness' of the meal (an indication of just how processed everything is) and the fact that they are trying to pass corn off as a vegetable, instead of the starch that it really is.  I won't however neglect to mention the fact that it tastes like plastic.  All of it. 

In response, here is an article I found referenced on All Points Blog.  The title - Lunch Line Re-Design.

Basically, a simple re-design of the standard school cafeteria layout can strongly influence the food choices students make.  Interesting...

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