21 December 2010

Why we do what we do...

Yesterday the Hubs let me tag along on an "Old School" reunion he had with 2 of his former students.  He had these students their freshmen year (his first year of teaching) and then again their senior year (his last year at that school).  This group has always had a special place in his heart and he has kept in contact with quite a few of them over the years.  (In fact, one of them is now a teacher at our school!)  This is an incredibly talented bunch.  Many of them have successfully pursued professions in the art world.  More about them in a minute...

 Since we were heading in to town to meet them later in the afternoon for coffee we decided to make a day of it and visist Niko Niko's for lunch.  Yum.  We ate out on the patio and had a really nice time.  Tried to visit the CAMH after lunch, but since it was Monday it (along with the MFAH) was closed.  Good thing the Cullen Sculpture Garden is (almost) always open!  The weather was perfect for just walking around, being silly and getting a stern warning from the 80+ yr old 'security' guard while killing an hour. 

The Running Man

I even got the Hubs to play along...

The plan was to meet at Inversion Coffee House around 3.  Umm, yeah, these guys function more like my husband and so 3 was really more of a suggestion.  Eventually they both arrived and they all spent the next 2 1/2 hours catching up.  I just sat back and listened!  One now works for Barneys New York as a graphic designer and the other paints, teaches and runs his own art gallery, The Joanna.  As I heard story after story of what their lives were like now I couldn't help feeling so proud of my husband.  He played such a key role in their artistic development early on and encouraged them to pursue their interests and dreams.  I really admire him and it was so great to be able to see him 'in his element', talking with those who have similar interests and passions. 

My hero
After our time at Inversion Coffee House and then hitting a little bar for a drink, I started to get "hangry" and mercifully the others agreed to grab a bite to eat at Little Big's, Bryan Caswell's burger joint.  There is a reason this joint is listed on Bon Appetit's Top 10 New Burger Spots in the US.  Wow.  If you haven't been there already, it needs to move to the top of your 'must visit' list ASAP.  You will not be disappointed. 

I ordered a trio of their beef sliders, while the Hubs wisely ordered an assorted trio: 1 beef slider, 1 black bean with harissa slider, and 1 pulled-pork (topped with cole slaw) slider.  I don't know which one was the best because they were all amazing and very different. 

photo by the Hubs

 Their fries were also delicious.  A basket is definitely meant to be split by 2 or 3 people.  And the frozen Sangrias... pretty darn good.
photo by the Hubs

 I ate all 3 of my sliders, about half of the basket of fries and a bite of 2 of the Hubs' sliders. 

Today I am paying for it.  I don't think I will  need to eat for another 2 days... when I plan to venture back to try the chicken sliders. 

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