04 February 2011

Not exactly a 'Snow Day'...

Although we did not get any snow last night / early this morning, we did get a little freezing rain.  Just enough to make things dangerous out there on the roads, especially bridges and overpasses... not that I have been out driving this morning, but I have been watching the news.

We bundled up to take the furry children out this morning and they weren't quite sure what to think. 

Despite her thick layer of winter fat to keep her warm, Pudge did not like it and promptly headed back inside.  Jaxy was a little more adventurous and sniffed around a bit.  

Thanks, Hubs, for the great pic of your little buddy!
 Then his little nose (and my hands) got cold and our adventure outside was over.  Thankfully it was about this time that the coffee and cinnamon rolls were ready. 

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls from a can are quite a departure from my normal weekday breakfast of organic yogurt and granola, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures...

Later today, check out the Hubs' take on today's events at the Roblog.

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