01 February 2011

Split Pea Soup

Although I did grow up with my mom making Split Pea Soup at least twice a winter, this recipe isn't hers because there is no recipe for her split pea soup. 

Just like there is no recipe for her chicken and rice soup. 

She just sort of makes them and they end up being heavenly... which is really nice if you're the consumer, but a little frustrating if you're trying to replicate them!

Not a pretty picture, but it sure was tasty...

I've had good luck with a wide variety of recipes on Simply Recipes over the past few years, so I searched checked it out and found one that looked good.

The ingredients, minus the chicken stock

Turns out it was really good.  The Hubs even ate it cheerfully.  (I think the fact that I almost doubled the amount of pork in the recipe is responsible for that...).

Simple ingredients and not a lot to do except chop, simmer, puree and eat = a great meal for a cold evening.

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