30 April 2011

Pilsner + Pork = Perfection

I had something today that I rarely have anymore- time.  Time to clean the house.  Time to do laundry.  Time to grocery shop.  And most importantly, time to cook.  I even squeezed in a yoga workout and a trip to one of my favorite local ice cream shops.  It was a fabulous day. 

The Hubs was busy tutoring students all day for their upcoming AP Exam so I had the house to myself...for almost 7 hours.  These days are very rare and I treasure them.  I'm an incredibly independent person and so "alone time" has always been very important to me.  It also meant that I had time to attempt an all-day recipe. 

Avalanche Ale Braised Carnitas was the perfect recipe for a day like today.  I had a pork roast just hanging out in the fridge, waiting to be cooked with only a day or two of shelf life left, so this was the perfect solution.  Also, who wants to pass up an opportunity to braise meat in beer?!?!  Not me. 

Incredibly easy recipe and the only thing you really need is a bit of time.  I swapped out several of the ingredients (including the type of beer) based on what I had on hand and they still came out beautifully.  The fact that the house smelled like smoky, spicy, slightly sweet pork or according to the Hubs, "the best aromatic candle that could ever be invented", was a bonus. 

Our next casual dinner party will have these on the menu for sure.  And so should yours!  Just be sure to snag a few of those crispy, edge pieces from the platter before serving your guests... they're the best.

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