02 January 2012

What we did over our holiday break...

So besides that pre-Christmas baking spree, I did almost NO other cooking.  I couldn't.  We were so busy trying to get the house ready for Little C that there just wasn't time.  Despite the fact that I feel more and more like a beached whale every day, these seriously might have been the most productive 6 days we have ever had.

My view of the world these days.
 We've been in our house for a little over 5 years and never really defined a purpose for each of the other three bedrooms.  Basically they became collect-all rooms full of a random assortment of junk and none of them were really functional.  With Little C's arrival only 6 weeks away, it was time to spring into action.  Closets needed to be cleaned out, rooms needed to be painted, furniture needed to be moved, purchased or thrown out and new carpet needed to be installed.  That's a lot of work. 

Once furniture was loaded up there wasn't anywhere else for the Hubs to sit.

The front areas of our house became an obstacle course filled with displaced furniture.

While I didn't get any totally "before" pictures, here are a few from very early on in the process. You will still get a clear picture of the chaos. 

What becomes the Guest bedroom... before. 

What becomes Little C's room... before.

What becomes the Hub's office... before.

There were several late nights of furniture assembly and furniture moving.  Our fingers are still sore from all of those little IKEA parts, but it was worth it.  A few shots of the work in progress:

Hubs assembling the first of 3 pieces of furniture that night.

The crib was so much easier to put together than this dresser.  So. Many. Pieces.
Finally, we reached a point where the rooms were pretty much done... or at least are functional.  These are not the final "after" pictures (a few things left to be done), but they still make me smile. 

Guest bedroom

Little C's room.  Yes, it's PINK!

The Hub's new office.  He can find everything now.
 Since we have finished these rooms I cannot begin to express how much better I sleep at night.  At least if the little one decides to make an early appearance we'll be ready.  Next up: learning how to set up the Pack-and-Play.


MamaNoFun said...

Great Blogging, Ella! We can't wait for Little C to see your progress!

The Dowells said...

OMG, I LOOOOOVVVEEEE it all!! Those IKEA dressers are a serious assembly-nightmare- but they always turn out awesome and sturdy! (We actually have the same dresser as Caroline's in our master bedroom!!)Her room is adorable, the guest bedroom is awesome, and Rob's office looks great!!! And, I still love that Spanish tile in the foyer! Good job, you guys- I can't believe how much y'all got done in 6 days!