28 April 2010

Fun with Fish

I recently added yet another food blog to my daily read list - My Kitchen Moovement.   I originally stumbled upon his blog by following a link for Garlic Dill Pickles I found either on foodgawker or TasteSpotting. Unlike most of the other food blogs I follow, this one is authored by a guy.  And a really interesting, well-traveled guy.  I encourage everyone to check it out and be sure to read the 'About' section.

He used to keep a list of his Favorite Foods and their recipes (he has since removed it) posted on the right side of his page.  The Baja-Style Fish Tacos were on that list.  After talking with a coworker, and fellow Dinner Diva, about her own homemade Fish Taco experience the week before, I couldn't wait to attempt my own.

Prior to this experience I had never deep fried anything in my life and had always been a little intimidated by the process.  Thankfully I received a fabulous dutch oven and candy thermometer this past Christmas.  Both proved to be invaluable.

The hubby joined in on the kitchen fun! We had a blast and he was a fabulous sous chef - chopped the cilantro like a pro, measured ingredients with precision and manned the batter station.  And took all of the pictures. 

While R prepared the garnishes for our tacos (sliced the cabbage and made the sauce) I cut a pound and a half of Tilapia filets in to 2" pieces.

Once the oil reached 375 we started frying. 

R was in charge of dredging and battering and I was in charge of the frying part.  It was a little messy, but overall a great system.

The finished product was amazing!  We both loved the tacos and decided the only thing we would do differently next time would be to make the batter a little spicier. 

We both ate leftovers the next day and they were just as good Day 2.  If anything, the sauce was even better.

Although it was a delicious meal, my favorite part was spending time with my love. I can't wait to cook another meal together. 

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Brad said...

Thank you so much for including me on your blog roll. I did take down my list of favorite foods, only because I wanted to streamline the section. As for the recipes on the right side, they are now located under the "recipes" section at the top. Good reading and cook cooking. I like your blog, BTW.