27 April 2010

It's "Brinner" Time

We have a great butcher shop here in town called Midway Food Market.
I love the place. 
I stopped by after work Thursday afternoon and picked up a few links of their venison sausage and a package of beef jerky.  Their sausage is out of this world... it's one of only a handful of sausages I will eat. 

(We ate all of the jerky before I could take a picture...it's that good.)
I don't care if it's breakfast, lunch or dinner time, it's always a good time for Midway.

Last week on Facebook I was taught a new term: 'Brinner'.  Isn't that a great word?!?!  So much more efficient than saying 'breakfast for dinner'. 

I love 'brinner' because it's
  1. easy
  2. cheap
  3. and a great way to clean out the fridge

Even uncooked the stuff smells great!
(sorry it looks so phallic)

My trash pile. 
The garbage can is nowhere near my workspace of choice.

'Brinner' is served

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