19 May 2010

Keepin' it Real (Simple)

We receive four important magazines here at the house: Real Simple, Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler and Cook's Illustrated.

Each one plays a very important, but distinct, role in helping me maintain my sanity.

My dear friend, K, gave me a subscription to Real Simple as a gift two Christmases ago. 

It has changed my life. 

Great organizational tips, cleaning tips, financial advice and recipes for simple, yet tasty meals. 

The June 2010 issue had a whole spread on ribs.  Now I like ribs, but R absolutely loves them, so any time they go on sale I stock up.

Tonight I tried the recipe for Classic Barbecue Spareribs, but replaced the spareribs with baby-back ribs. 


Made the suggested Honey Corn Bread Muffins as a side dish.

Also deeeelish.

I loved both of these recipes because all of the ingredients are pantry staples.  No special trips to the store necessary.

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Robin said...

Ooh, I love ribs. I'll have to try this one.