13 October 2010

U.W.W.H - Days 2 & 3

Day 1 of this week's challenge was a smashing success and so I thought the rest of the week would be easy too.  WRONG.

On Days 2 & 3 I cheated. 

Okay, I only kind of cheated on Day 2, but I did thoroughly cheat on Day 3.  I admit it.

Day 2 involved me begging Mexican lunch leftovers from a friend (to combine with my own leftovers) to feed the Hubs for dinner. 

I did cook dinner for myself though - Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas with a Spicy Ranch Dipping Sauce

Odds and ends this dish used up:
frozen (but pre-cooked) chicken fajita meat
a bag of shredded jalepeno jack cheese
half a can of refried black beans
some leftover corn tortillas
a little Ranch dip
some red salsa

Pretty self explanatory, very simple, very fast, but completely delicious!  I even let the Hubs have a few. 

Day 3 was an epic failure:

Odds and ends this dish used up:
some Pepto to deal with the upset tummy from dinner

I have to do better than this on Day 4...

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