10 October 2010

Using What We Have - Day 1

We have a lot of food 'odds and ends' in our fridge, freezer, and cabinets.  Not a lot of any one item, just a little bit of a lot of different things.  It makes putting away groceries really tough.  Space is limited in our little house and we do not have a pantry. 

I'm swallowing my pride and showing you the inside of my fridge and freezer. 

Please don't judge. 

Soooo embarrassing. I'm fed up with it.
So this week I will NOT be grocery shopping.  I am challenging myself to use only the ingredients and items we already have in the house (and have already paid for) to pack our lunches and cook our meals this week. 

I don't think the beginning of the week will be difficult, but I think things could get a little, umm, interesting as we get further along in the week. 

Tonight's dinner wasn't too weird.  In fact, it was actually really good.  I took some uber-ripe campari tomatoes, sliced them, tossed them with 4 cloves of garlic, drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled them with salt and roasted them at 400 F until the tomato skins split and the garlic began to soften. 

(Meanwhile, I boiled the spaghetti)

I heated a little olive oil in a skillet with some crushed red pepper and tossed in the semi-roasted garlic that I had chopped up.  As soon as I could smell it I tossed in the roasted tomatoes (and all of the delicious juices they oozed) and broke them up with a wooden spoon. 

After a little adjusting of the seasonings, I tossed it with the cooked spaghetti, sprinkled in some parmesan cheese and garnished it with some chopped parsley. 

Turned out to be a surprisingly tasty, light, and fresh dinner. Even the Hubs, who hates tomatoes, absolutely loved it. 

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow holds.

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Rob said...

Just so you know, the first picture is a fair representation of what I see when I look for something in the fridge. I see the whole thing. I have no ability to filter and locate a specific item. Thus, I have to ask where everything is.