27 February 2011

Need a chocolate fix?

If so, have I got the cupcake for you.  Seriously, these are gooood.  Really good. 

I've always been a huge fan of cream cheese frostings, but this one reaches a whole new level of deliciousness.  I've used the frosting on this particular chocolate cupcake recipe twice, as well as on a batch of white cupcakes.  Both combos were amazing.

Next time I'm thinking about swapping some Kahlua or Bailey's for the heavy cream and vanilla in the frosting.

PS: These make the best breakfast and pair really well with a cup of hot coffee.

PPS: Does anyone have a birthday or special occasion coming up soon?  I would love to have an excuse to make yet another batch of these yummies.


Sara said...

One month and four days. Just saying.

Kendra said...


E said...

Get ready for some serious chocolate, girls! :)